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Think Outside the Box Why a Traditional Furnace Might Not Be Your Best Heating Option

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Outdoor Furnace

The first thought most people have when they think of a home-heating option is a traditional furnace heating system, which uses the same ducts as your home’s air conditioning system to provide heat to a home.  Furnaces are great heating options and provide reliable warmth throughout the winter.  However, furnaces are certainly not the only heating option available and might not be the best option for your home and your lifestyle.  The HVAC professionals at Worlock Air Conditioning are familiar with a variety of heating and cooling options and are happy to help customers explore their different options, install a variety of systems, and service or repair those systems.
What is a heat pump?

Heat pumps are a popular choice to meet both heating and some seasonal cooling needs in our region.  Heat pumps move heat, either transferring outdoor heat inside to warm a home or indoor heat outside to cool a home.  Because they transfer heat rather than generating hot or cold air, their operating costs can be about 75% less than traditional systems.  However, because they do not generate cold air, heat pumps probably need to be supplemented by an additional cooling system to combat hot summer temperatures.  Worlock is happy to offer heat pump installation in Phoenix and the surrounding area.
Geothermal systems

Geothermal systems work a lot like traditional heat pumps, but use the  constant temperature of the earth for a heat exchange instead of outside air.  What this means is that geothermal systems can be far more efficient than traditional air-source heat pumps.  This means that geothermal systems can provide heating and cooling in more extreme temperatures than traditional heat pumps, and a geothermal system may even be sufficient to meet your Phoenix air conditioning needs.  Geothermal systems also tend to be quieter to run, last longer, and require less maintenance than other systems.  However, because geothermal systems have higher initial installation costs than other heating systems, they are not always a feasible option for all homeowner.  A certified HVAC technician from Worlock can help you understand your short and long-term expenses and savings, so that you can decide if a geothermal system would be right for your home.

Ductless heating
Ductless heating systems provide temperature-controlled air to specific zones.  Because ductless systems are smaller than traditional forced-air systems, they use less power, and because the air is delivered directly to a room, they are more efficient and can be used to only heat or cool rooms that are occupied.  Worlock offers ductless heating and cooling installation for Phoenix and the surrounding areas and can install ductless systems in new construction and in existing homes that currently use forced-air systems.

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