Heat Pumps

Do you need a new heater? Maybe it is time to consider a heat pump. Heat pumps can be the most fuel-efficient way to keep your home comfortable. Even in Arizona’s weather, with our cold winters, hot summers, and huge temperature swings during much of the year.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Many of our clients ask us if a heat pump is the same thing as a heater. Yes, and no. A heat pump functions as both a heating and a cooling system. When it is hot, the heat pump removes heat from the indoor air in your home, providing a cooling effect. When it is cold, the heat pump pulls heat from the cold outdoor air and heats the air inside your home. Heat pumps are powered by electricity; they do not have a gas-powered function. They work by using refrigerant to transfer heat. However, they do have some limitations. Heat pumps do not function well in freezing temperatures. Therefore, if you expect to have extended periods of freezing weather, you need to add an electric heat strip to the system. For most homes in the Phoenix area, a heat pump can handle all of our heating and cooling needs because we are rarely in freezing temperatures for extended periods of time.

The Benefits of Heat Pumps 

  • Energy efficiency. Heat pumps use up to 50% less electricity to heat or cool your home than a traditional HVAC system.  That means savings on your utility bills, in addition to being friendlier to the environment.
  • Increased safety. Most HVAC systems incorporate gas furnaces, which increase the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, combustion, and fires.  Heat pumps are safer.
  • Long lasting. Heat pumps have life spans that are similar to gas furnaces, which means they often outlast typical air conditioning systems and last as long as traditional heaters.
  • Smart-home compatible. Today’s heat pumps are programmable and can interact with your smart home system.  That allows you to optimize comfort while still maximizing energy efficiency.

Have a heat pump that needs service or repair?  Wondering is a heat pump might be right for you?  The certified HVAC technicians at Worlock have experience and training on heat pump systems.  We can keep your current heat pumps functioning properly or install a new heat pump that will increase your efficiency and comfort.  Give us a call today for any of your heat pump needs.