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We Help You Keep Your Cool, While Keeping You Warm: Worlock Air Conditioning Simplifies the Home Heating Process

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Heater Repair

Temperatures that are warmer than usual, accompanied by more frequent, fronts moving through the area means that we have faced inconsistent weather patterns, which can make it a challenge to keep your home’s indoor temperatures and humidity comfortable for you.  It may also mean that you have not really had to turn on the heat at your home or business, yet.  When you do, you may find that your heater is no longer working, leaving you ill-prepared for the cold fronts expected to move through our area throughout winter 2015-2016.  Whether you are looking for a heating repair or considering replacing your existing heating system, the HVAC professionals at Worlock Air Conditioning are the ones to call to keep you warm.

Worlock’s HVAC specialists can work on all of the various heating sources we have in the Phoenix area.

One of the things that sets Phoenix apart from so much of the rest of the country is its climate.  Temperature extremes in the summer mean blazing hot summer days, while the lack of humidity in the desert air can mean winter nights that are extremely cold.  Combined together, these factors mean that Phoenix area home and business owners have to deal with a wide range of temperatures, and, as a result, have incorporated all types of heating units into their designs.  Unfortunately, not all local heating and air conditioning companies are prepared to deal with heaters that fall outside of the standard HVAC equipment.  Worlock Air Conditioning’s technicians are area experts, so whether you use Geothermal, radiant heat, gas or electric furnaces, or heat pumps, the HVAC technicians at Worlock know how to install, maintain, and repair those systems.

Worlock treats you like they would want to be treated.

Another unfortunate reality of heating repair is that breakdowns often occur after business hours or on the weekends.  Actually, your system is probably no more likely to break down after hours than it is during the business week, but the fact that people are in their homes much more during those times means that you are far more likely to discover a problem after hours.  Many HVAC companies ignore this reality and want to charge you extra for service calls during that time.  At Worlock, we treat you like we would want to be treated.   What does that mean for you, as a customer?  It means  24 Hour Emergency Repair, 1 hour response times, and no extra charges or hidden fees for calls that are outside of “business” hours. We also strive to be budget friendly, offering seasonal specials and incentives to help keep you comfortable!

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