Why Proper Maintenance and Prompt Repairs are Crucial to Your Business

We live in Phoenix and the surrounding area, where summer temperatures are extremely hot. So hot that, unlike other areas of the country, air conditioning is not really a luxury, but a health and safety necessity. When air conditioning fails in a residence, delays in repair or replacement can be costly and annoying, but most […]

Why It is Critical to Keep Your Servers and Electrical Equipment Cool

Excessive heat is notoriously hard on electronic devices, which are designed to operate at their most efficient and reliable at lower temperatures, so it is crucial to keep your electrical equipment cool. Phoenix and the surrounding area have some of the highest normal temperatures in the entire United States, but we still use the same […]

Why Right Now is the Perfect Time to Buy a New Air Conditioning Unit

It is wicked hot in Phoenix and only getting hotter. We are already seeing highs in the 110s, mornings are edging into the 90s, and the hottest months are yet to come. Many of us are seeing our electric bills edge higher and higher and also dealing with homes that are just not getting cool […]

Does Your House Not Seem Cool Enough?

Summer is officially on its way in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. In fact, by 9am the other morning, it was already in the 90s, with temperatures expected to soar into the 110s for a high. We know it is only going to get hotter as the summer goes on, with our highest temperatures coming […]

New Construction AC Service

When you move into a new home, everything should be in perfect working order. However, sometimes it is not. You may have discovered that your air conditioning is not working properly. How you handle that may depend on your agreement with the builder. Your new home may have come with a warranty, and you may […]

My Air Conditioner is Leaking: Can I still Get Freon?

If you have an air conditioner is leaking and that unit was manufactured prior to 2010, you may find yourself unexpectedly facing a decision about whether you need emergency A/C repair or to replace your system. This is a dilemma that you may not have anticipated, expecting your cooling system to last at least a decade, and, if […]

Winter is Here: But You Still Want a Working Air Conditioner

In some parts of the country, people actually shut off their air conditioners around Labor Day, not to turn them on again until sometime in late spring. In Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area, while we do get some very cold days in the winter and the fall, the reality is that air conditioning is […]