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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke: How Being Too Hot Can Be More than an Inconvenience

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When a building’s cooling system stops working, temperatures inside can rapidly escalate, so that internal temperatures can exceed external temperatures. In a place like Phoenix and the surrounding areas, this can mean temperatures that rapidly climb well above 100 degrees. For most people, these high temperatures are extremely uncomfortable, interfering with sleep, and causing significant sweating and the risk of dehydration. However, for a smaller portion of the environment, high temperatures can lead to serious heat-related illnesses, like heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Heat related illnesses can cause permanent injuries and even death.

There are three heat-related medical conditions: heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Heat cramps are muscle cramps or spasms related to physical activity in extreme heat and can be linked to dehydration. They may occur during the activity or after the activity has concluded. While painful, heat cramps can usually be treated with fluids and rest in a cool location. Heat cramps are often part of heat exhaustion, which also includes symptoms like weakness, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Heat exhaustion is not itself a medical emergency and can be treated in the same way as heat cramps, but it greatly increases the risk of heat stroke.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency. Signs of heat stroke include a high fever, a strong rapid pulse, confusion, and that the person has stopped sweating. Heat stroke can lead to death and should be treated like a life-threatening medical emergency.

Who is at risk for heat-related illnesses?

Generally, healthy adults are not at high risk of developing serious heat related illnesses in hot environments. Instead, the very young, the elderly, and those people with medical conditions impacting their bodies’ ability to self-regulate temperatures are considered to be at the highest risk.

However, even extremely healthy adults can develop heat related illnesses, especially if they engage in high levels of physical activity in hot temperatures. As a result, even maintaining normal household chores in a house with a broken air conditioning unit can put someone at risk of developing a heat related illness.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, we understand that air conditioning failure in a place like Phoenix is a true emergency. That is why we offer 24 hour emergency A/C repair service without an emergency service surcharge. Let us help you keep your family cool and healthy.

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