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24/7 Emergency Services

Have you ever noticed that things seem to break on a Friday? After 5pm? While that may not be true, people do seem to realize that their air conditioning or heating systems are failing after normal business hours. The main reason that you might not notice a failing system until after business hours is because you may be out of the house for work, school, or errands.

When you notice your HVAC system is on the fritz, it can be challenging to determine whether or not you need an emergency repair. Most people can handle a night without AC, so you may decide to suffer through it. However, there are some times that you need to call for an emergency repair.

Is your AC blowing the wrong temperature air? If your AC is blowing out hot air or your heat is pumping in cold air, it could be a number of problems. That is not a situation that is going to resolve on its own. Getting emergency repair can get you started on getting your HVAC system repaired.

Does your HVAC sound or smell funny? If your HVAC system is making strange noises or weird smells, it definitely needs repair. However, it could mean more than just a broken system. There are gases, fluids, and electricity in your HVAC system that can be hazardous to your family. You want to turn off your system and call for service if you notice weird sounds and smells.

Do you have ice growing in your system? Iced up lines can be a sign of several problems. They may be easy to resolve. However, a frozen system can also lead to some water drainage problems if you get leaks. You want to have a professional check it out to prevent any damage.

Do you seem to have problems with your HVAC’s electrical system? If your system will not stay on, is not responding, is sparking, or having other electrical issues, you want to call for service. Any type of electrical issue can lead to serious problems, such as fires. You want to have a certified HVAC technician check them out.

Do you know what your warranty states? Many HVAC warranties require you to get service as soon as you notice a problem. Call for help immediately to protect your warranty.

Do you have vulnerable family members? Many of us have people in our household that need carefully regulated temperatures and cannot sleep with windows open. If you have a vulnerable household member, even a normal repair may be an emergency.

Of course, you do not need a reason to call for emergency repair. At Worlock, we happily provide 24/7 emergency service. If you call us, our dispatcher can help you determine if you need emergency repairs, and get a technician to you ASAP.

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