AC Service Glendale, AZ

Getting Ready for Summer in Glendale

Are you ready for summer? We love the beautiful sunny days of summer but could not imagine having to face them without air conditioning. That is why we recommend regular maintenance of your HVAC system before the start of summer. Identify any problems, make any necessary repairs, and get your air conditioner ready to work hard when our temps hit the 90s and 100s.

What Is Seasonal Maintenance?

You should be performing quite a bit of routine maintenance on your HVAC system. How frequently? Actually, you should be doing some maintenance on a monthly basis. Depending on the filters you use, how many animals you have, and how dusty your home gets, you need to replace your HVAC filters around once a month. However, seasonal maintenance goes beyond changing the filters. It includes an inspection to make sure that your air conditioner does not have any parts that need to be replaced and is functioning smoothly. It also involves cleaning the system. Both the evaporator coil and condenser coil can collect dirt, which can hinder their performance. Anything that reduces airflow can cause problems. These problems can actually result in your AC unit freezing up and not blowing cold air. Cleaning the coils prevents that from happening. Another common problem is bent coil fins. The fins on the coils are easy to bend. Bent fins do not let in sufficient airflow. We use a fin comb to restore the fins to their original position, keeping the air flowing. Finally, have you ever wondered why air conditioning systems sometimes leak? Air conditioner units create condensations, which normally drains into your plumbing system. Clogged drains can actually cause flooding. They can also impact your AC’s performance. So, we check the lines and clean them if necessary.

Maintenance and Repair Calls

Whether you are calling us for repair or maintenance, there are going to be some things we check in your HVAC system. We look at:
  • Your refrigerant level
  • Whether you have refrigerant leaks
  • The airflow in the evaporator coil
  • Whether your duct system has any leaks
  • The electrical control sequence
  • Electric terminals and connections
  • That motors are properly oiled
  • That belts are tight and in good condition
  • How the thermostat is functioning

Worlock AC & Heating Specialists

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