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Winter is Here: But You Still Want a Working Air Conditioner

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In some parts of the country, people actually shut off their air conditioners around Labor Day, not to turn them on again until sometime in late spring. In Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area, while we do get some very cold days in the winter and the fall, the reality is that air conditioning is something that many of us use practically year-round. That means that an air conditioning failure in the winter is just as serious as an air conditioning failure in the summer. Fortunately, Worlock’s HVAC professionals are happy to handle air conditioning repairs and installations throughout the fall and winter as well as in the spring and summer.

Worlock offers 24 hour emergency response at no extra charge.

Many companies advertise that they offer emergency responses to calls, and that they offer 24 hour service, and they do. However, what they often fail to explain is that they charge a surcharge for service calls made outside of traditional business hours. However, the reality is that most of us find out about air conditioning failures outside of traditional business hours. Yes, your air conditioner may fail at 10 in the morning, but the odds are good that you will not discover that failure until you come home at 6 in the evening, after a hard day at work, with kids in tow, to a house that has been heating up in the hot Phoenix sun for 8 hours. How frustrating is it to pick up the phone and call an air conditioning repair company for service only to be told that they are going to charge you extra unless you want to wait until the morning for someone to come out? We think it is very frustrating, which is why we do not do that to our customers.

We build lifelong relationships with our customers.

Worlock is not just an air conditioner repair company, nor do we focus primarily on sales; we are a comprehensive HVAC company that focuses on building lifelong relationships with our customers. What that means is that we pride ourselves on being honest with customers about what a repair is going to cost, how long the repair should keep the system running, and the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement. We are not going to keep fixing a system that needs to be replaced just to line our pockets with those repair bills, but we also are not going to try to sell you a new system when a repair should have your current system in good working order. We are a family owned company and we treat our customers like we would want someone to treat our family.

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