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Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer? Beat the heat with Worlock Air Conditioning

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Winter is the perfect time to get your AC ready. Summer is coming and with it the scorching hot heat of the desert.  In the Phoenix area, summer means four months of average high temperatures in the 100s with three additional months of highs in the upper 80s or 90s.  Excessive heat can make your machine run non-stop, so be sure to be ready for the heat.  Having a working air conditioner is not simply a matter of comfort, but a health and safety concern for more vulnerable members of our population.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, our goal is to keep your family cool, healthy, and safe by ensuring that your air conditioning system is working properly before the summer begins, and by providing fast and affordable air conditioner repairs, when repairs are necessary.

The first step in ensuring a comfortable summer is having your air conditioner inspected by a certified HVAC specialist.  Worlock Air Conditioning’s air conditioner technicians are certified HVAC specialists, which means they are capable of inspecting, maintaining, repairing, and installing all types of air conditioning systems from all of the major manufacturers.  Worlock services the greater Phoenix area, including East Valley, West Valley, Central Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Sun city, Chandler, and the surrounding cities.

Worlock AC specialists are here to help.

An air conditioning inspection looks at all of the different components of your system to ensure that they are all in working order and to recommend any maintenance that needs to be performed. Hoses, tubes, and ductwork will be checked for leaks, moving parts will be inspected for wear and tear, and coolant levels will be measured. For most well-working systems, minor adjustments will optimize performance and our HVAC specialists can recommend the preventative maintenance or small repairs necessary to keep your system working its best.

The idea of air conditioner maintenance can be intimidating to some folk, but the reality is that in order to provide optimum performance, all air conditioning systems require it.  You do some of this maintenance yourself when you change air filters and clean the grate over your air intake ducts.  Our technicians provide maintenance to the parts you do not see, and it can be as basic as ensuring your coils are clean or that any drain lines from your system are free of debris, preventing the risk of a clog.  Minor repairs can even be considered part of maintenance, because something as basic as detecting a small leak and repairing it before recharging coolants is technically a repair.

Of course, air conditioners do have a limited life span.  Depending on your model and your usage, air conditioners have lifespans that range from approximately 10 to 20 years, and efficiency can decline before an air conditioner actually dies.  If you are thinking about replacing your existing unit, you can save on new installs by beating the summer rush.

To schedule routine maintenance, a repair, or an estimate for a replacement system call Worlock at (623) 254-5505 today.

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