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Do you need Air Conditioning in the Winter? Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Replace your Air Conditioner

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Phoenix is known for its climate and its year-round warm weather.  In fact, if you are new to Phoenix and the surrounding area, then you may have been even more surprised by the mild winter weather than by the summer temperature extremes.  In fact, Phoenix’s winter weather is often so warm that you can find yourself using an air conditioner in the middle of winter.  However, because winter weather is usually pleasantly mild, winter is the perfect time to replace an existing air conditioning unit, because the required down time that accompanies an air conditioner replacement will not result in extended periods of uncomfortable warmth in your home or business.

Worlock Air Conditioning installs all of the types of air conditioning systems used throughout the Phoenix areas.

Traditional air conditioning, sometimes referred to as refrigerated air, uses an outdoor air conditioning unit to cool the air and ducts to move the cooled air throughout the home.  It is an efficient and proven way to provide comfortable indoor temperatures, but may not be the most efficient way to provide cooling in a desert environment, since the cooling is achieved through moisture reduction in the ambient air.  That is why there are a variety of different types of cooling systems used in the Phoenix area.  These include traditional air conditioners, heat pumps, evaporative coolers, geothermal cooling, and ductless air conditioners.  In addition to these basic types, air conditioning systems can be customized through the use of cooling zones, smart thermostats, and other devices aimed at providing the precise cooling you want or need without overcooling an area.  The HVAC technicians at Worlock Air Conditioning are not just HVAC specialists, but climate control specialists.  They know how to provide optimum cooling that fits your cooling needs and also your budget needs.  Worlock also offers year-round rebates and incentives, to help make your air conditioning replacement as affordable as possible.

Worlock offers a one hour response time, even on non-emergency calls.

Many HVAC companies offer emergency response time, and may even advertise that they will respond within a certain time period.  At Worlock, we offer one-hour response times, even for routine calls.  That means that if you want a consultation on a new air conditioning installation, we can respond within an hour.  Of course, we can also schedule a meeting at your convenience.  We also offer after-hours consultations, at no extra cost, because we understand that you may not be able to take time away from work in order to research and schedule your air conditioning installation or replacement.

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