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Worlock Treats Your Air Conditioning Repairs Like an Emergency, even When Outside Temperatures are Mild

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Air Conditioning Repair

Have you ever been sitting near a window in a home and found yourself uncomfortably warm, despite comfortable outdoor temperatures? While most homes are built to energy efficient standards and are properly insulated to help keep indoor temperatures comfortable, the reality is that a failing cooling system can mean a home that is uncomfortably warm inside, even when outdoor temperatures are not uncomfortable or are only uncomfortable a few hours a day. However, many HVAC companies do not treat an air conditioner failure like an emergency unless outdoor temperatures exceed a certain high point. While you are unlikely to face a health hazard because of an air conditioning failure during Phoenix winters, there is no reason to suffer in discomfort in your home or business. That is why Worlock Air Conditioning provides emergency air conditioning repairs year round, throughout the East and West Valley Phoenix areas.

Emergency service without the upcharge.

Almost every HVAC company in the Phoenix area claims to offer after-hours service. However, if you have called some of them for services, you may have discovered that in order to get emergency repair, you have to meet their criteria for an emergency. At Worlock, we are a family owned business, and we understand that what constitutes an emergency for your lifestyle may be outside of someone else’s definition of emergency. That is why we are proud to offer 24 hour service and one hour response times, without the upcharges that are often associated with these calls. It is also practical. While air conditioners may seem more likely to fail after business hours or on the weekend, they are not actually more likely to fail at those times. You are, however, more likely to notice that they are not working at those times, because you are more likely to be in your home, then. We understand that the last thing you want to hear when you walk into an uncomfortably warm home after a hard day of work is that someone can help you tomorrow. We can help you today, and can often have your home cool and comfortable before bedtime.

Worlock Air Conditioning can handle any home-cooling challenge.

Of course, people in the Phoenix area use a wide variety of ways to cool their homes. Whether you use a traditional air conditioner, a heat pump, geothermal cooling, or a ductless system, our technicians are climate control specialists who can repair or maintain a wide variety of systems. Whatever help you need to make temperatures in your living spaces comfortable, Worlock can help you.

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