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Why Proper Maintenance and Prompt Repairs are Crucial to Your Business

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We live in Phoenix and the surrounding area, where summer temperatures are extremely hot. So hot that, unlike other areas of the country, air conditioning is not really a luxury, but a health and safety necessity. When air conditioning fails in a residence, delays in repair or replacement can be costly and annoying, but most people can stay with friends or at a hotel while the air conditioning is out of commission. When air conditioning fails at a business, business owners do not have the same options. A failed air conditioner in the summer can close a business, resulting in lost sales. Depending on the nature of the business, a failed air conditioner can also result in damage to inventory. The result can be tens of thousands of dollars in losses for every single day of air conditioning failure. That is why it is so critical to properly maintain your commercial air conditioning system and to know that, in the event there is a system failure, you will have emergency service response for prompt repairs.

Worlock Air Conditioning has a commercial maintenance program to fit your business needs and budget.

We can customize a maintenance plan that works with you. Maintenance programs start with our basic bronze maintenance plan, which covers a single cooling system, and gives you the benefit of a 5% discount on any repairs and any new equipment, as well as a 90 day repair warranty to the gold plan which guarantees same day service, offers a one year repair warranty, and offers a 15% discount on repairs and 10% discount on new equipment. Of course, in a commercial environment, you may have multiple systems, so that the standard residential plans may not be the most cost effective way to meet your needs. You can contact us to customize a plan for your business. All of our maintenance plans include routine maintenance, where technicians will recommend any necessary preventative service that should prevent unanticipated air conditioner failures that can put your business at risk.

At Worlock Air Conditioning, we understand that you do not schedule air conditioning failures.

Some of our competitors will charge extra for repair calls that are on the weekends or after traditional business hours, as if you get to schedule when your air conditioner fails. At Worlock, we understand that an air conditioning failure is already a stressful emergency and we offer 24 hour emergency response without any after-hours surcharges. Call Worlock today for help with any of your commercial air conditioning needs.

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