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New Construction AC Service

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When you move into a new home, everything should be in perfect working order. However, sometimes it is not. You may have discovered that your air conditioning is not working properly. How you handle that may depend on your agreement with the builder. Your new home may have come with a warranty, and you may be able to pursue service under that warranty.

What happens if you do not have a warranty with your builder or if you are struggling to get your builder to make any necessary repairs? You need to get a company out to check your system, find out what is not working, and get your air conditioning system in working condition. Worlock can handle service calls, even for new construction.

You may need a service call, even if your air conditioning is working. Builders are not HVAC specialists. While they may have certified HVAC people handle the installation of your air conditioner, many times builders hurry them through the process. You can have a great air conditioner installed, but without the optimization we would do during an installation it may not cool properly.

Worlock can come out and help optimize your system. We can check your ductwork to make sure it is laid out correctly and that it is delivering air conditioning efficiently to all rooms. We can also help determine the appropriate heating and cooling zones to provide the most efficient and effective cooling for your home.

Worlock handles all types of air conditioning systems. We can service central air conditioners, split units, and even swamp coolers. We can optimize your system, whether it is stand-alone or part of an HVAC system with a furnace or heater attached.

There is no reason to settle for sub-optimum cooling in your new home. If your builder cannot or will not get your air conditioner working like you want it to work, call Worlock. We can look at your system to see how it is set up. We can see if changing aspects of your system would make it function better. If it is not working, we can troubleshoot and determine what needs to be fixed in order to get your system working. We can even retrofit your AC system after construction, if that is required to get it working like you want it to work. So, if your new home’s air conditioner is not cooling like it should, call Worlock for help.

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