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Does Your House Not Seem Cool Enough?

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Summer is officially on its way in Phoenix and the surrounding communities. In fact, by 9am the other morning, it was already in the 90s, with temperatures expected to soar into the 110s for a high. We know it is only going to get hotter as the summer goes on, with our highest temperatures coming in July and August. Some of you are probably already dealing with an air conditioner that is getting your house cool, but seems to be struggling to deal with the high heat, resulting in interior temperatures that are still uncomfortably warm. Since our hottest months are yet to come, this is particularly alarming.

Signs your air conditioner might need Freon.

Is your air conditioner running, set to cool, but the ducts and registers are blowing warm or hot air?

Does it take an extremely long time for your house to cool down?

Is there ice build upon the copper lines from the a/c unit to the indoor coil?

Are your electric bills higher than normal?

Is there condensation build up on the floor by your furnace?

What to do if you suspect you need Freon.

A properly working air conditioner with no leaks should not need to have its Freon recharged. Freon does not evaporate from a closed system and is not used up while the air conditioner is in use. So, if you need your Freon recharged, you also need your system inspected for leaks and to have those leaks repaired.

Low Freon is more than just a nuisance for you as a homeowner; it can cause system breakdown and is an environmental hazard. An air conditioner without sufficient Freon can actually suffer from more serious problems, resulting in more expensive repairs in the long-haul. Of course, Freon is also detrimental to the environment, so that a Freon leak needs to be addressed for more than just personal comfort.

If you suspect a Freon leak, contact Worlock Air Conditioning today. One of our experienced, professional, and courteous air conditioning technicians can come out and inspect your system, find any leaks that might exist, fix those leaks, and recharge your Freon to get your air conditioning system working properly again. There are also other air conditioning problems that might result in your unit blowing warm or hot air instead of cold air, and one of our technicians can address those as well.

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