Air Purification System Install Peoria

Looking for a way to passively improve air quality? Wondering if air purification systems are worth the investment? Already know you want an air purification system, but simply looking for a reliable, affordable, high-quality Peoria-area HVAC provider that can handle your air purification installation needs? Wherever you are in your air purification journey, Worlock Air Conditioning can meet your needs.

COVID-19 and Air Safety

Never before has indoor air quality been such a concern for Americans. The airborne COVID-19 virus has caused a global pandemic and has made people wonder what steps they can take to improve the quality of the air in their homes and businesses. While there are several steps that people can take to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, from thorough hand-washing to wearing masks and social distancing, a growing body of evidence suggests that air purification systems may play an important role in reducing the spread of the disease.

Can Air Purification Systems Remove Viruses?

The reason that air purification systems can help with COVID-19 safety is that today’s air purification systems do not just remove or filter particles from the air. Using either zinc or hydro-peroxide, they actually kill up to 99% of the viruses that contact the filter’s surfaces. In addition, by utilizing the existing HVAC ducts in a building, these air purification systems can treat every square inch of air in an enclosed space. The result can be a dramatic reduction in the viral, bacterial, or microbial load in the air in an enclosed space.

Can an Air Purification System Be Installed in My Home or Business?

A comprehensive air purification system uses existing ductwork to get the air to the purifying unit and circulate purified air through the building. Therefore, it needs an existing HVAC system with ducts. If you are unsure if your existing heating or cooling systems are compatible, a Worlock technician can inspect your system and give you that information. 

Whether you have questions about a purification system or are ready to schedule your installation, contact Worlock Air Conditioning for all of your air purification needs.