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Why Are AC Units on the Roof in Arizona?

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If you’ve spent time in Arizona or other hot regions, you might have noticed a common theme when it comes to air conditioning units: many are perched atop roofs. This is more than an architectural choice; it’s a practical response to several factors unique to arid, hot environments found in places like Arizona. Here are a few key reasons why rooftop AC units are prevalent in these areas.

Maximizing Cooling Efficiency

  • Space Utilization

In areas where land is at a premium, using roof space for AC units means more ground space for landscaping, recreation, or other utilities. By placing units on the roof, homeowners and building managers free up valuable space that would otherwise be taken up by bulky ground units.

  • Air Circulation

Rooftop AC units can take advantage of better air circulation. Elevated, they aren’t as likely to pull in dirt, dust, or debris that might otherwise be swept into ground-level units. Because heat rises, rooftop units can also push warm air away from living spaces more effectively.

Protection from Vandalism and Damage

  • Security

Having AC units on the roof can protect them from vandalism or accidental damage. It’s more difficult for potential vandals to access rooftop AC units, and they are less likely to suffer impacts from vehicles or other ground-level hazards.

  • Flooding

Though Arizona is known for its dry climate, when it rains, it pours. Flash flooding can be a concern, and ground-level AC units might be susceptible to water damage. Rooftop units are, naturally, high and dry.

Improving Aesthetics

  • Street View

AC units aren’t typically known for their beauty. By placing them out of sight on rooftops, they don’t interfere with the curb appeal of a home or business.

  • Noise Reduction

AC units can be noisy when they’re operating. Having them on the roof can reduce the level of noise experienced by residents and passersby, as there’s more open space to absorb the sound before it reaches ground-level living spaces.

Cost-Effective Installation and Maintenance

  • Ductwork

In many Arizona homes, ductwork runs through the attic space. It’s less costly and more convenient to connect a rooftop unit directly to this existing ductwork rather than running additional ducts to a ground unit.

  • Property Development

New construction often considers the efficiency and cost of installation of utilities. Rooftop units can be less expensive to install when factoring in construction costs, especially in commercial buildings.

Energy Efficiency

  • Heat Dissipation

The rooftop location allows for heat from the AC unit to dissipate into the air more quickly and efficiently. Ground units can sometimes expel heat onto neighboring plants, walls, or ground surfaces, which can increase the local temperature and make the AC work harder.

AC Services in Peoria, AZ 

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