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Why It is Critical to Keep Your Servers and Electrical Equipment Cool

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Excessive heat is notoriously hard on electronic devices, which are designed to operate at their most efficient and reliable at lower temperatures, so it is crucial to keep your electrical equipment cool. Phoenix and the surrounding area have some of the highest normal temperatures in the entire United States, but we still use the same electronics and electronic devices as the rest of the country. In small-scale applications, the 20 or 30 degree difference between Phoenix’s summer high temperatures and highs in the rest of the country are not critical to overall function, though they probably result in electronic devices failing more quickly than they would in other areas, especially if the electronics are housed in areas where artificial humidity has been introduced. However, in large-scale applications, such as server rooms, the high temperatures combined with improper cooling design can lead to massive failure of electronic devices.

Worlock Air Conditioning can help you set up your server room for maximum system performance.

Many times, server rooms are set up where there is room for the servers, which may actually be the worst place in an existing building to house servers. These rooms may have once been storage closets, backrooms, break rooms, or other areas that did not have adequate ventilation and did not receive adequate cooling. Simply retrofitting them for cooling may not be sufficient to meet the cooling and ventilation needs of a complex server system. In fact, having a server room that is connected, in-line, with your other rooms may result in a room that is much warmer than the other rooms in your building despite a thermostat reading in a cool range.

Worlock Air Conditioning can set up a server cooling system so that is operates either independently from your main cooling system or in conjunction with your regular business cooling system, depending on your business needs. If humidity is a problem in your server room, we can also help you explore dehumidifying options and install a system to help preserve your electronics.

Worlock’s emergency repair services can also help if your server’s cooling system has failed.

We are also available with 24 hour emergency service if your server’s air conditioning system fails, so that we can be there to help you preserve your equipment and your data if you notice a problem. Call Worlock for help with any of your server room needs to ensure you keep your electrical equipment cool.

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