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How to choose the right air conditioning unit for your home

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Smart HVAC SystemFor most of us, air conditioning is a luxury item. Maybe you have it in your home already, or maybe you’ve never even considered getting one. But if you do decide to invest in an AC unit, which one should you get and how can you be sure it’s the right fit for your home? This article will help answer all of these questions and more so that when summer arrives, your new AC is ready to keep your family cool and comfortable.

Choose the right size

The size of the unit you need depends on the size of your home. You can use online tools like this one to calculate how much square footage you need, or measure it yourself by counting all of your rooms and dividing by three (to find out how many cubic feet are in each room).

  • The number of rooms in my house
  • How many people live there

Get a unit with an Energy Star rating

You can also look for units that have an Energy Star rating. The EPA and DOE jointly administer this program, which helps consumers save money and protect the environment by identifying energy-efficient products, practices, and policies. Energy Star is a great resource for finding out how much you’ll save by buying an air conditioning unit with low emissions or high efficiency.

Make sure it’s worth the cost

  • The cost of electricity and installation.
  • Maintenance costs, which include replacement parts and periodic maintenance checkups.
  • Repair costs, should something go wrong with your unit (which it will).
  • Disposal fees when you’re ready to get rid of your AC after its lifespan has ended.

Find out if your home is eligible for tax credits or rebates

Before you buy a new air conditioner, it’s important to know whether or not your home is eligible for tax credits or rebates. Check with your local utility company and state energy office to see if there are any programs that can help you save money on your purchase. You may also want to check with the IRS; they have information about specific rebate programs designed specifically for residential customers like homeowners or renters who live in single-family homes (but not condos). The IRS has instructions on how to claim these rebates when filing taxes at

Plan to upgrade before summer arrives

If you’re like most people, the last thing on your mind is air conditioning. But if you wait until summer arrives and then try to buy an AC unit at the height of demand, it could cost more than twice as much than if you had planned ahead and bought it in advance.

To avoid paying more than necessary for a new unit:

  • Plan ahead by selecting a contractor now who can install your new system before summer arrives.
  • Look into financing options now so that when June rolls around, all that’s left for you is enjoying cool comfort with no surprises or extra costs!

It’s important to find an air conditioning unit that works for you, but it’s just as important to buy one that works for your wallet as well.

You can find a variety of AC units at different price points, but it’s important to find an air conditioning unit that works for you, while also working within your budget. It’s easy to go cheap and buy a unit that won’t last long or fall apart when you need it most. However, it’s also important not to overspend on an appliance if you can help it–especially since there are so many other things we have to spend money on!

The best way for someone new at this kind of thing (like me!) is by asking around and getting recommendations from friends who have already done this before; they’ll know which brands are reliable and worth spending extra money on versus those where price is more important than quality.


We hope this guide has helped you make an informed decision on which air conditioning unit is best for your home. Remember, there are many factors to consider when choosing an AC unit, including size and cost. If you need help deciding what type of system would work best in your situation, contact us today!

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