Ductless Mini Split AC Systems in Litchfield, AZ: Ductless Mini Split Installation, Repair, Replacement & More

Call Worlock A/C Heating Specialist in Litchfield for the highest quality ductless AC service available. Installing ductless mini split systems require specialized training, which our HVAC contractors have obtained. In no time at all, they can perform a mini split installation in a Litchfield home or business. We also provide ductless AC repair, in case yours has a breakdown, we can repair it very quickly.

How Do Ductless Air Conditioners Work?

Litchfield occupants might not be familiar with mini split installation, but they are a great option for both homes and businesses. These types of air conditioners have an outdoor and indoor unit. The outdoor device handles the compression and pumping of refrigerants, which sends it indoor through a series of pipes. The indoor unit contains the heat exchanger, which cools the air, and fans for circulation. This removes the need for ducts to distribute air through your Litchfield property, making them more energy efficient, and has the capacity for multiple indoor units with their own temperature controls.

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High Quality Ductless Mini Split Installation in Litchfield

When compared to a traditional air conditioner, installing a ductless mini split system is much less intrusive for your Litchfield property. The outside component is more discrete than a traditional unit and may be mounted to a wall. The walls can also be kept intact without needing duct installation. With specific training in mini split methods, our litchfield-based contractors can have your new air conditioner installed in no time, making us your number one provider for mini split installation.

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Ductless AC Service in Litchfield

Ductless AC service in your Litchfield property is necessary to avoid more costly maintenance down the road. By simply cleaning the filters, condensers, and pipes, your system will run for years with reliable service. If you have a breakdown of your current ductless AC system and need repairs, at Worlock A/C Heating Specialist, we're ready to help. Escape the high Litchfield temperature, get ductless AC repair.

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