Rooftop Air Conditioning Repairs

Because most of the air conditioning units in Phoenix and the surrounding area are side yard style, people who have rooftop AC units may wonder who they can find to repair their systems. The HVAC specialists at Worlock Air Conditioning are skilled in repairs for all types of air conditioning units, including both residential and commercial rooftop units.

Rooftop AC units have similar issues as side yard units

Your roof mounted ac unit might experience many of the same problems as side yard air conditioning units; the main difference is that all of the components to the cooling system are in one place instead of being split between the yard and the house. If your system stops cooling or stops blowing air, it may be experiencing problems with the thermostat, have a clogged filter or other issue with air intake, have a failed capacitor, has a refrigerant leak, have a problem with evaporator coils, have a problem with condenser coils, have a problem with the compressor, or have a problem with the power supply.

Check your fuses and filters

Before calling out an air conditioner repairman, you may want to check your own unit to see if it is frozen or if any breakers or fuses have blown. If your unit is frozen, check your filters. If they are dirty, you can try replacing them and then turning on your air conditioner again after it has thawed. If they are not dirty, even if you are able to restart your air conditioner after it defrosts you want to have a professional examine it because properly functioning air conditioners do not freeze for no reason. Likewise, if your air conditioner has tripped a breaker or blown a fuse, it indicates a potentially hazardous problem with the air conditioner and should be examined by a professional.

Rooftop units need maintenance, too

As with other types of air conditioner units, rooftop units need regular maintenance. While maintenance cannot prevent all air conditioning failures, it can help you avoid sudden repairs and unexpected outages by giving technicians the opportunity to spot potential problems before they happen. Schedule regular maintenance each season. Our HVAC technicians will inspect the outside unit and clean its air intake system and inlet screens if they are clogged or dirty, replace your indoor filters, clean your coils, inspect your fans, check your coolant levels, and inspect all of your wiring and belts. Any suggested maintenance or repairs are explained with upfront pricing and the reasons that the replacements are being suggested. Worlock Air Conditioning brings the same high level of care and professional service to our rooftop AC unit customers as we do to all of our other residential and commercial customers.