Rooftop Air Condition Installation

Need a new air conditioning unit? Whether you are replacing an existing rooftop AC unit, considering replacing your side yard unit with a rooftop AC system, or even considering replacing a swamp cooler with a rooftop air conditioning system, Worlock Air Conditioning has you covered.

Roof Air Condition Installation is more popular than ever

You may have heard more people are moving to rooftop air conditioners for their home cooling needs. While rooftop systems have been common in commercial applications for years, they have not been as popular for homes. The reason for this is almost entirely aesthetic; traditional rooftop systems have been large and unsightly, causing many people to want to avoid them on residential applications. However, as these units have gotten smaller and more efficient, they have become an increasingly popular choice, not just for large commercial buildings, but also for smaller commercial and residential applications.

The most efficient option

Rooftop air conditioning units are a great choice because they are more energy-efficient than side yard air conditioning units. They use physics to help them, capitalizing on the fact that warm air rises and cool air falls and using that to help distribute cool air through a home via a central duct system. The result can be lower utility bills. The placement of these units also frees up yard space and provides a more peaceful and quiet experience than side yard air conditioning systems.

Costs are similar to side yard units

Of course, there is a potential downside to a rooftop air conditioning system installation. Because these systems are all-in-one, rather than the familiar split unit of a side yard air conditioner, they tend to be more expensive to purchase compared to just buying part of a new side yard system. This can be daunting to some buyers, especially if you have previously bought a new side yard unit and thought of that as replacing your air conditioning system. However, it is important to keep in mind that replacing an entire side yard unit requires replacing both the exterior and interior components. When you keep that in mind, you see that buying a new rooftop unit costs approximately the same amount to buy as a completely new side yard system. They are often easier to service, install, and maintain, as well.

We’ll compare Roof AC systems for you

Not sure if a rooftop AC system is right for you? The HVAC installation professionals at Worlock Air Conditioning would be happy to do a side-by-side comparison of what a side yard and a rooftop system could do for your home or business. Once you have selected your system, the same professional can schedule the Roof AC installation and get your new system installed just in time for the coming summer weather.