New Construction Air Conditioning Installation

Are you building a new home? With new construction, you want to make sure everything is right from the start. In Arizona, that means ensuring that you have a heating and cooling system that will work with your new home. You want a system that is efficient, but also one that can keep up with the heating and cooling demands of a home in the desert. Sure, you could rely on your builder to handle your HVAC installation. The problem with that is that builders are not HVAC specialists. They may not know how to optimize things like ductwork and heating and cooling zones. They may also not be aware of all of the options available for your heating and cooling needs. AC Repair and Installation Services include: All AC Service & Repairs, Rooftop AC Units, Ductless AC and Mini Split AC Systems, Residential Air Conditioning Services, Commercial Air Conditioning Services, AC Installation, Emergency AC Service and more. Worlock services multiple Peoria and Phoenix Arizona areas such as Phoenix, Peoria, Avondale, Carefree, Scottsdale, Glendale, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Sun City, and more.

At Worlock, heating and cooling is what we do.

We have decades of experience as HVAC specialists. We know the demands that Arizona weather puts on your heating and cooling system. We also know how the lack of humidity can challenge traditional HVAC systems. In Arizona, split systems are popular. They have an exterior chilling unit, which pumps air into the home through a fan system. You can install a split system in homes that do not have duct work. This makes it a more affordable option and makes it compatible with most types of new home construction. However, you may need multiple units to cool your home. Central air conditioning requires ducts and pumps air through vents to cool your entire home. This means you need ducts.

Central air conditioning in Phoenix or Peoria.

If you want a central air conditioning system, you have to make sure your new home is built to support ductwork. With central air conditioning, you can use a system that also has a furnace or heater. The system can switch from air conditioning to heating, depending on your temperature demands. Without ducts, you may need to consider alternative heating methods. Radiant heat that we install under the floor is an efficient option that provides reliable warmth for your home without drying out the air.

Let us design an optimized heating and cooling system for your home.

With our new construction AC installation, you get a professionally designed and installed system that works perfectly for your needs. Getting us involved in the construction process can save thousands of dollars compared to retrofitting a HVAC system after your home’s construction is complete. We can work with your builder to make sure you get the right HVAC solution for your home.