Air Purification Systems

Want a safer, healthier home or business with better air quality for you, your family, and your customers or guests? Consider installing an air purification system. More than just a filter, today’s air purification systems not only eliminate bothersome particles, but can actually eliminate viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. The end result is safer, higher-quality air.

Can Air Filtration Systems Remove COVID?

One of the top questions that we get from customers is whether an air filtration system can remove COVID-19 particles from the air? The use of both hydro-peroxide and ionized zinc in air purification systems means that viruses can be effectively killed and removed from the air. In fact, these air purification systems can kill up to 99% of viruses and can purify every cubic inch of air-conditioned space. 

However, you simply cannot rely on an air purification system, alone, to take care of COVID-19. Homes and especially businesses are not closed spaces. There is interchange with outside air and new people coming into the buildings, potentially introducing COVID-19 and other contaminants to the air surface. It takes time for an air purification system to purify an entire closed area and areas with ingress and egress probably never have fully purified air. This makes air purification an important step in reducing indoor disease transmission, but not the only step.

Can Air Filtration Systems Remove COVID?

Because they can reduce airborne contaminants, air purification systems have a proven history of improving the overall “health” of the buildings where they are installed. They can reduce mold and disease transmission. For businesses, this not only leads to greater safety for customers and clients, but also lower absenteeism.

Where Can Air Purification Systems Be Installed?

Air purification systems can be installed in any place with a ducted HVAC system.  This makes them great for businesses and residences.  Because of their role in reducing or eliminating disease transmission, air purification systems are especially helpful in places that are high-risk.  Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities can benefit from air purification systems.  Hospitality businesses are another great place for air purification systems, as are schools and daycares, and anywhere that handles food preparation.