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Air Conditioning In Sun City, AZ

How may we service your AC & HEATING needs today?

Why is it always the case that the AC breaks down when the temperatures are at their highest, or you need it most? We know how frustrating it can be when your air conditioning system decides to stop working, which is why we offer prompt, 24/7 emergency repair service. No matter when you find out that your AC isn’t functioning, just give us a call and we’ll come out to fix it for you. We don’t charge an additional fee for out-of-hours working and all our work and parts come with a warranty.

A/C Maintenance To Help Keep Your Fuel Costs Down

One of the major disadvantages of a poorly maintained A/C system is that it normally costs more to run than one that's in top condition. As the months go on, that added energy usage can really add up, meaning it’s often cheaper to get your A/C serviced regularly. Servicing can also reduce the risk of a breakdown, as well as help your system last longer. We can come out and service your AC at a time to suit you, completing a thorough inspection as well as repairing or replacing any components as necessary.

Worlock Heating and AC Repair in Sun City

Since 1987, Worlock Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing top-quality solutions for properties in Sun City & Valley-Wide.

Using products like Ecobee Smart Thermostats, Nexia Smart Technology, American Standard Units, Energy-efficient LED lighting and more advanced methods such as power conversion, Worlock can save clients hundreds to thousands a year depending on the application. Learn how easy and quick-turnaround the operation can be to cut summer energy bills.

What Do So Many Recommend Worlock?

We offer 70+ Services/Products to completely comfort your entire outside living and indoor living needs. Commercial and Residential owners turn to us because of our upfront owner evaluations, warranty services and dramatic possibilities to reduce energy cost up to %60.

Do we service your make and model? We sure do!

We are a proud family business that devotes to convey excellent workmanship and quality air, cooling, heating and smart home solutions.
3 Year Parts Warranty On All Repairs
10 Year Parts & 10 Year Compressor Warranty (New Installations)
Not sure if you can afford it? Expand your purchasing power and convenience with a simple financing for hvac replacement process.

Air Conditioner Installation in Sun City

Our highly qualified and experienced technicians have installed a large number of AC systems over the years. With our extensive product knowledge, we are normally able to identify a system that would work well for each customer, taking into account individual variables such as room size, building layout, amount of usage and budget. For AC Repair Sun City get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

AC Repair in Sun City

In circumstances where a total system failure has occurred, or your AC is still working but isn't keeping your home cool, even when running high, our responsive repair team can help. Our firm offers an efficient, effective repair service that can usually fix A/C problems in one visit. For A/C emergencies, we will usually be with you within an hour; alternatively, you can book an appointment at a time to suit your schedule.

AC Heat Pump Services In Sun City, AZ

A heat pump system is an increasingly common option in homes and businesses across Sun City. Cheaper to run than a conventional system, it operates by circulating warm air from outside to cooler parts of the home, or vice versa if a lower internal temperature is required. The technicians on our team are all experienced in repairing, fixing and servicing most of the popular heat pump makes and models, enabling them to do a good job on whatever installation you've got.
American Standard: Rated #1 by the leading consumer magazine..

Commercial Air Conditioning Service For Sun City Businesses

Premises that are too hot are always a disincentive for customers to linger, whereas a nice, chilly ambiance on a blazing summer day encourages clientele to spend more time with you. If your A/C has failed, or isn’t running effectively, we can get it going again quickly and at a highly competitive price. We’ve also successfully installed A/C for a number of local Sun City businesses and would be happy to work with you to provide the fresh, energy-efficient A/C you're looking for.


The heat pump is one of the most vital parts of your system, so ensuring that it’s working well is important. Whether your pump needs a repair or just isn’t operating as effectively as it should, we can resolve the problem quickly and professionally. If it’s not cost-effective to repair the pump, our technicians can replace it with a newer model without needing to replace the entire AC system.


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Since 1987, Worlock Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing solutions for home and commercial properties in Sun City, Arizona. We are a proud family business that is devoted to showing customers our excellent workmanship and top-quality cooling, heating and smart home solutions in Sun City.

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