AC Service Gilbert, AZ

Looking for someone to provide service for your air conditioner or HVAC system?  Many Gilbert area HVAC companies are running service specials designed to get new customers.  We strongly encourage you to get your AC serviced before the season begins, but we also encourage you to pick an HVAC company with a reputation for honest, dependable customer service.  Worlock Air Conditioning, a locally owned business since 1987, has that kind of reputation.

What Does Worlock Do in a Service Call? 

You may wonder what happens in a regular maintenance service call.  In fact, many of us grew up in houses that did not have yearly AC service calls, but only called a HVAC company when there was a problem that needed repair.

Just like taking your car to the garage for maintenance and inspection, an HVAC service call is designed to spot potential problems and prevent them from becoming actual problems.  In other words, our goal is to keep you from being stranded without air conditioning in the middle of a hot Arizona summer!

Service calls vary depending on the manufacturer of your equipment and the type of cooling system that you have.  Is it part of an integrated heating and cooling system, a standalone air conditioner, a mini-split system, or even a swamp cooler?  Do you have a rooftop system or a unit in the yard?  These variables all impact what we do.

However, some of the services that are included in seasonal maintenance include:

  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Inspecting and combing the fins if airflow is blocked
  • Oiling the motor and other moving parts
  • Replacing worn, damaged, or old belts
  • Checking the ducts for leaks
  • Testing for coolant leaks, fixing leaks, and recharging coolants
  • Testing the thermometer
  • Testing and cleaning electrical connections
  • Cleaning the condensate drain

The Importance of Air Filters

We may also replace your air filters during a service call.  In fact, if they are dirty, we will recommend replacement.  However, dirty air filters are one of the top reasons that air conditioning systems stop working.  We recommend regular replacement of those filters.  In other words, please do not wait for your yearly service call to replace your air filters.  You should be cleaning or replacing them about once a month, depending on your living conditions.  If you have pets, have a dusty home, or have anyone in the home with allergies, you may want to replace them even more frequently.


In addition to service calls, we repair all types of cooling systems.  If you need a repair, we can provide both emergency and scheduled services.  We will give you a reliable estimate.  In addition to detailing cost, we will give you a time estimate for the project, including the time needed to get any necessary parts.

Worlock Keeps You Cool

Whether you need preventative maintenance, a new system installed, or a repair, the certified HVAC technicians at Worlock can keep you cool.

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