AC Service in Sun Lakes, AZ

Sun Lakes, Arizona is a vibrant retirement and resort area in the Phoenix are. Known for its resort vacation lifestyle and country club living, Sun Lakes has attracted people from all over the country to retire in Sun Lakes. In Sun Lakes, many people enjoy an active retired lifestyle, including health clubs, arts, craft, golf, swimming, dining, outdoor activities, and a burgeoning dining scene. While Sun Lakes is known primarily as a retirement area, it is important not to overlook that it is also a great place for families and industry. Sun Lakes is a great commuter area for people working at high tech companies, including Intel. It also offers a community college campus for the younger adults in the area. Like many growing communities in the Phoenix area, Sun Lakes has sometimes struggled to keep up with the demands for reliable goods and services for people in the area. New growth often means new business, and it can be difficult for people to know if these new businesses are reliable. Fortunately for the people in Sun Lakes, they can rely on Worlock Air Conditioning for their HVAC services. Worlock Air Conditioning is a locally owned and operated HVAC company that has been in business since 1987. We have earned a great reputation in Phoenix and the surrounding area. People know that they can call us for 24/7 emergency service, rely on us for scheduled repairs and maintenance, and that we will offer great customer service and affordable pricing. At Worlock, we are focused on your comfort. We are a full-service HVAC company that installs, services, maintains, and repairs all types of heating and cooling equipment. We also install, service, and maintain water heaters and pool heaters.  


Our services include:
  • Air Conditioner Repair
  • Heater Repair
  • Furnace Repair
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Repair
  • Rooftop Air Conditioner Repair
  • Swamp Cooler Repair
  • Pool Heater Repair
  • Water Heater Repair
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Rooftop Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Swamp Cooler Maintenance
  • Pool Heater Maintenance
  • Water Heater Maintenance
  • Air Conditioner Installation
  • Heater Installation
  • Furnace Installation
  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner Installation
  • Rooftop Air Conditioner Installation
  • Swamp Cooler Installation
  • Pool Heater Installation
  • Water Heater Installation

You Can Trust Our Customer Service

We stand by our customer service. You can trust to
  • Give you an accurate diagnosis
  • Show up on time
  • Explain your options
  • Respect your budget
  • Clean up after ourselves
  • Treat you with respect

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