AC Service in Casa Grande, AZ

Founded by the Carter Family in 1870 as part of the Arizona mining boom, Case Grande, AZ was originally developed because of the location of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Initially, the town was exceptionally small, with only three buildings and five total residences. When the mining boom ended, the town almost died completely, but it grew as agriculture in the region grew. Incorporated in 1915, it remained a strong small town for decades. However, its position between Tucson and Phoenix has made it an ideal spot for people in modern Arizona. The town has developed a reputation as a great place to raise a family and offers residents access to two of Arizona’s most vibrant metropolitan areas. If you are in Casa Grande, you may have wondered where to go when you need service. You could call on companies based in Tucson or based in Phoenix. If you need air conditioning services, we invite you to contact Worlock Air Conditioning. A locally owned and operated family business, Worlock Air Conditioning has been providing complete HVAC services to people in Phoenix and the surrounding areas since 1987. We have a reputation for great customer service and high-quality repairs that has been growing for over three decades. As our area has grown, so has our company, so that we can offer services outside of Phoenix and into the entire Phoenix metro area, including Case Grande. What can you expect if you call Worlock for service? Well, we pride ourselves on two things. First, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We treat all of our customers like we would want someone to treat members of our family. That means that we show up on time. We are upfront about pricing. We diagnose and explain what is wrong with your system, provide an estimate, and get your permission before beginning any repairs. We clean up after ourselves, so you are not left with a mess after repairs. We also provide 24/7 service for emergencies. Of course, customer service would be meaningless without our other point of pride: high quality HVAC service, maintenance, and repairs. All of our technicians are certified HVAC technicians, who are familiar with the various types of heating and cooling that we use in Casa Grande and the surrounding areas. Our technicians can provide repairs or service for air conditioners, heaters, furnaces, heat pumps, swamp coolers, rooftop air conditioners, ductless mini-split sir conditioning systems, and more. We also provide repair, service, and installation for pool heaters and water heaters. To schedule a repair or for emergency service, give Worlock a call today.