AC Service in Black Canyon City, AZ

Black Canyon City, AZ is one of Arizona’s hidden gems. Located near Phoenix and Prescott, this small community in Yavapai County is known for its great amenities, good schools, and quiet upscale small-town feel. As a commuter town, most people who live in Black Canyon City commute to jobs in Phoenix or Prescott. That can make it difficult to know which service companies to use. For example, if you need air conditioning repair, you could call HVAC companies that service Prescott or Phoenix. That can make it difficult to know who to call. 

Worlock Air Conditioning is proud to be a local favorite among the people of Black Canyon City. Just like Black Canyon City, which captures a small town feeling while offering the amenities of city living, we are a family business that offers you the high-quality service you might expect from a bigger company. We are locally owned and operated and have been in business since 1987. Just like the greater Phoenix area, we have seen tremendous growth over the last three decades.

We have also seen changes in heating and cooling trends. For a long time, swamp coolers were one of the main ways people handled their cooling needs in Phoenix. Designed to work with the lack of humidity and often less expensive than “refrigerated air,” swamp coolers work by providing humidity, which then cools the air. However, they are not effective during Phoenix’s short but intense rainy season. Many people have moved away from swamp coolers, using air conditioners, mini-split ductless AC systems, and even heat pumps to handle their cooling needs.

Whether you are using older or newer cooling technology, Worlock has you covered. Our technicians are certified HVAC technicians who are experienced on working on all types of heating and cooling systems, residential and commercial. In addition to HVAC, our technicians also work on water heaters and pool heaters. If it involves heating you up or cooling you down, Worlock can service it, repair it, or install it!

We also offer industry-leading customer service. We know that people worry about getting taken advantage of when they call a repair company. That is why we are committed to being upfront and honest with our customers at all times. After we diagnose the problem, we explain it to you in detail. We provide you with all available options for repair, including their costs. We also let you know when a system should be replaced rather than repaired, instead of suckering you into a series of expensive repairs on a dying system. In other words, we treat you like we would want people to treat our family members.

If you are ready for high quality service with industry leading customer care, contact Worlock today.